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About Us

It feels good to grow your own food.

We believe the more people that grow their own food, the better off we all are.

Enjoying nutritious food, knowing how it was grown and where it comes from, is important.

Growing your own food benefits us all, with better physical and mental health, regional food security, reduced packaging and food transportation costs. Not to mention, the fruits and vegetables taste fabulous.

Owning a greenhouse is good for the soul. There is nothing like stepping into your greenhouse oasis. Sipping a morning coffee in the sun at 23°C inside your greenhouse when it's only 3°C outside, or enjoying incredible cherry tomatoes right off the vine, is special.

At Island Greenhouse Sales, we feel good about what we do. We offer the best service and value on quality greenhouses and accessories to help people grow more of their own food. Greenhouses dramatically increase produce yield and extend your growing season.

Located in Nanaimo on beautiful Vancouver Island, we offer Island made wood structure backyard greenhouses as well as Planta residential and commercial greenhouses that are manufactured in Europe.

Island Greenhouse Sales is the #1 Planta Greenhouse dealer in Canada and has been an authorized dealer since 2021. Planta has proven to be an excellent company for us to work with. Their service and communication has exceeded our expectations. Planta also offers an incredible 10 year warranty on most of the greenhouses we offer. The reason is simple: they are engineered to high standards and are built to last. Of the hundreds of happy customers that have purchased a Planta greenhouse from us, less than 1% of our customers have requested a warranty claim up to February 1st, 2024.

If you are considering a greenhouse this year, we would like to be your choice of supplier. We have four greenhouses to view by appointment in Nanaimo and dozens of happy customers all across BC that are willing to show you their greenhouses. Please contact us to arrange a viewing.

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It feels good to grow your own food.

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